Choose MYN, the Digital Advertising Agency with In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Beauty is Only Skin Deep



The beauty and skincare industry is worth over 450 billion dollars. With competitive pricing, new beauty trends popping up everyday and ever shifting sources of influences, it’s important that you choose a marketing agency that understands how to break through all the noise and talk to your consumer. That’s where MYN North America comes in. Having worked successfully with skincare clients, MYN are experts in the skincare branding sector and understand how to use the power of social media, digital PR and email marketing to attract publications and appeal to new and existing customers.

In recent years, the beauty and skincare industry has been shifting their traditional media and advertising budgets to the arena of digital advertising. In addition to the growing popularity of online advertising, the market has a variety of products and people of all ages with different beauty needs. Targeting the right customer and sending the right message is a crucial step to improving sales, and MYN fully understands the power of audience retargeting and consumer analytics when it comes producing results. So choose MYN – the agency with the capacity to create a full-service strategic plan for your skin care brand.