Promote Your Food and Beverage Line with the Best Food Branding and PR Agency in New York

Attracting the Right Audience with Effective Food and Beverage PR

FOOD PR AGENCY NEW YORKFrom Calbee USA, to gluten free snack companies and even spirit lines, we have become a reliable food and beverage PR agency in New York for our strategic and in-depth approach to targeting, appealing to, and conversing with a valuable demographic. 

How we garner effective reach:

Our team of food PR specialists study clients’ food products, their brand identities, and who they appeal to in order to reach out to the most mutually beneficial publications possible. We also work closely with top-tier influencers on popular digital social channels in order to stimulate and maintain constant conversation surrounding any food brand we may be working with. Because not even the most delicious snacks can entirely sell themselves, MYN North America, one of the best PR Agencies in New York, is here to help.